Senior Insights

Getting the right care for an aging spouse, parent or family member isn’t easy.

I know.

I know from caring for my mother throughout her last 13 years. And I know from years of experience with seniors and their families as a licensed assisted living administrator.

There are so many different services which you may or may not need – and with each provider focused only on the service it provides, it’s so hard to decide objectively.

At Senior Insights, we have an entirely different focus.

We focus on each individual senior and all of his or her specific needs, giving our clients and their families answers and guidance that lead to both quality care and a higher quality of life.

Our planning is truly objective:

  • Because we base it not on a menu of service choices (that’s not what we sell), but on each individual senior’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Because we determine those needs and preferences through an individual, in-depth, three-part assessment.
  • Because we match the services we recommend to the specific needs our detailed assessment indicates. If you just need someone to help you with errands or take you to the doctor, we won’t saddle you with the expense of a full-time caregiver.
  • Because instead of piecemeal planning, we coordinate your services, so you have the services you need, when you need them, to go on living a happy, fulfilling life. This coordinated service plan, based directly on your personal assessment, becomes a to-do list for your aides, drivers and service providers.
  • Because our strategies include such a wide spectrum of independent and need-based services – everything from providing care in your home or facility to coordinating services to housing options to referrals for accounting or legal services.
  • Because everyone who works with you works for you. They all undergo local and national criminal records checks, national sex offender database checks and driving record reviews, among other criteria.

So you don’t have to worry about the risks to health and safety that can result from too little care. Or the waste of money and undermining of independence and quality of life that can result from the wrong kind, or too much.

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website_signatureCameron Oglesby

BSW, MBA, Licensed Assisted Living Administrator